Goji Berry Benefits for Healthy Life

China is famous for the traditional medicines taken from nature. People in China have learned much about the traditional medication and applied it since centuries ago. This medication is pretty helpful, people keep using and improving it until the recent days. They take plants, flowers, and fruits and precede it as traditional medicine. One of the fruits is Goji Berry. This oriental fruit has been used for medication to treat many diseases and keep our health. People have experienced Goji berry benefits. So, let’s learn more about Goji Berry.

The Origin of Goji Berry

The Goji berry is also known as wolfberry and Tibetan Goji. This bright red-orange berry is originally from China. People eat this berry as hope they can live longer. They suggest their kids and family to include it in their daily menu. People believe in the benefits of Goji berry that are treatments for several diseases like eye problems, fever, high blood pressure and diabetes. People consume Goji berry in various ways. Such as dried like raisin, cooked, or raw. People enjoy Goji berry in wines, medicines, juices, and herbal teas. Read more

Benefits of Figs: The Ancient Fruit with Amazing History

Figs are fruits that are often added into cookies. It is a unique fruit with a chewy and soft texture and sweet taste. It has many seeds that you cannot avoid. But, don’t worry, he seeds are edible and crunchy. Dried or fresh figs are all delicious. Dried figs can survive for years. So, you can enjoy it anytime. Besides the unique taste, there are many benefits of figs that you can enjoy when you consume it daily.

Fig – The Ancient Fruit

Fig becomes one of the ancient fruit. The people of Ancient Greece, Rome, Mediterranean, and some other ancient culture have included fig in their life. The people of Rome believe that Remus and Romulus, the founders of Rome, are nurtured by a wolf that rests under the fig free. Moreover, fig is regarded as a sacred fruit. It has been cultivated around the world. Spain, Portugal, Greece, California and Turkey become the largest fig producers. That’s why people around the world can experience the figs functions. Read more

Durian Benefits and Side Effects: Things to Consider

People always love fruit, including durian. It is a spicy fruit, but it is soft, succulent, and extremely delicious. For these unique features and its popularity, durian is known as “King of Fruits”, especially in the South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei Darussalam that has rain forests. Originally, durian is the member of Malvaceae family and Duri genus. Durian is a close relative to okra and hibiscus. The botanical name of Durian is Durio zibethinus. Besides its unique features, you can get Durian Benefits when you consume this “King of Fruit”.

Durian’s Physical Features

Besides its delicious taste as one of Durian Uses, durian is famous for its unique odor, formidable thorn covered husk, and large size. The length may be up to 12 inches or 30 cm. The diameter is 6 inches or 15 cm while it weighs typically two to seven lb (one to four kilograms). What about the shape? It has such a unique shape which can be oblong or round. The color of its husk is the combination of brown and green. The flesh is yellow to saffron, with a creamy texture. It contains natural sugars like sucrose and fructose. Those natural sugars will replenish energy to the entire body. Soon, the body will be revitalized. Read more

Benefits of Dragon Fruit That You May Look for

Dragon fruit is kind of fruit that looks like cactus pear and it is categorized in the cactus family. Having vibrant colors and unique shape, it is very attractive at night due to its blooming look. It is wanted by everyone, not only because of its beautiful look, but also because of the benefits of dragon fruit. It can be a goldmine when it relates to nutritional intake. A bite of such nutritious Superfood can give benefits for your body.

More than Exotic Fruits

Although exotic, the fruit is safe to consume by every pregnant and mothers who are breastfeeding. The fruit has been well known by its rich value of vitamin C. It can also be a good source for your fatty-acid needs. The fruit is full with vitamin C that can give health potential for human while it also contains phosphorus and fatty acid. You can replenish yourself with the nutritional benefits of dragon fruit that you may not find from other fruits. Read more

Wonderful Dates Fruit Benefits You Have to Know

Dates have been known as the fruits coming from palm tree having a high nutritional level. They are consumed abundantly during Ramadan, exactly when all Muslims fast. Dates with their variation, such as Moedjool dates and sunflower dates have their own sweetness. It can solve your hunger and they can be the reason why fasting people use it for their opening. They can prevent ones eating them from the condition of overeating after they open their fast. There are many dates fruit benefits that you have to know. Here we will tell you in details about them.

Wonderful Essence in Dates fruit

Many people are curious about dates fruit benefits for the body. Dates contain sulfur, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6, volatile oils, folic acid, proteins, vitamins, sugars and natural fibers contributing to your health. It can be the source of natural sugar coming in the fructose and glucose that has been ready for fast absorption. They are more superior to those of cane sugar. Read more

4 Best Health Benefits of Bok Choy that You Haven’t Known

Bok Choy is well known as Chinese cabbage has been grown in a lot of countries in the world. It is used when one needs some flavor, especially Chinese cooking. From China, it then spread throughout other countries in the world. It has become popular in the Philippines and Korea in Chinese dishes. Many of them realize that there are more health benefits of Bok Choy than only a thing to make food more delicious.

Plant of Bok Choy and What You Will Get from It

Box Choy has been an excellent vegetable that provides the best source of fiber and vitamin C. It is kind of good food source that can give sufficient intake of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and vitamin A. To get it is very easy, because everyone can grow it in their home garden as an excellent herb option. It can grow so fast in only around 30 days from starting to plant and harvest. Seeds usually need less than one week for germinating while the soil need to be prepared nicely and mixed with manure and organic matter heaps. By doing it, before planting is a good way to reduce fertilize need during the growth cycle. The soil has to be in free draining and you need to keep regular watering. Read more

The Important Health Benefits of Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are not strangers around us and we believe that God creates this vegetable with many benefits. Bell peppers or Capsicum annuum has different colors like red, yellow, green, orange, brown, purple and white. These amazing fruits are very good to be the sources of vitamins B1, B6, A, K, C and folate. They are wonderful sources of iron, copper, potassium and magnesium. With such kind of contents, the fruits bring many benefits. We will tell your health benefits of bell peppers.

The Contents

Such colorful fruits bring more contents of vitamin C than an orange. Many people don’t realize about the health benefits of eating bell peppers. The function to help your body in boosting your immune system, preventing diabetes, building up bad cholesterol and lowering heart disease risk. Bell peppers include phenolic compounds, which are called carotenoids and flavonoids, but red, yellow and green has the most. Such compounds are useful for your body. It can mop up any free radicals, which are dangerous for your body. Among those three of bell peppers, the red peppers contain the highest vitamin C that is able to scavenge any free radicals. Read more

Health Benefits of Beets that You Have to Know

No one can deny how complete green food nutrients are because it contains macro minerals and vitamins, omega 3 and high protein. All of them are perfect balances in which your body needs them to use and digest. People now realize the value of green supplements like algae, which is blue green. They undoubtedly become the most beneficial supplements for health to take. However, you can get many of the daily requirements by eating a lot of greens every day. You can find them in a sort of beets so you will get the health benefits of beets.

What Are Included in Beets?

Beets bring the most vibrant scheme from betacynin as the pigment source. They are low in cholesterol and saturated fat, good food source of iron, magnesium, vitamin C, potassium, folate, dietary fiber and manganese. With a lot of beneficial nutrients for your body, you will get what your body needs and the health benefits of beet consumption. Read more

Health Benefits of Asparagus Based on the Proven Facts

You have plenty of choice to consume asparagus as your healthy diet. Whether you want to make a juice or soup from it, it is the best serving based on the weather or season you face. If you feel cold in winter and you need a tasty soup, just try to make a healthy soup from asparagus. If you want something fresh to drink in a hot summer, you can make a fresh asparagus juice. There are a lot of health benefits of asparagus beside the serve based on the weather.

Health Benefits of Asparagus for Women

Asparagus is really suggested for women. Known as the “queen of plants”, Asparagus is famous in the use to bolster the reproductive health of women. It includes galactagogue, improving the levels of prolactin while it has increased milk supply within moms’ bodies during nursing. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this herb becomes a special gift to women. It is not only able to increase milk production within a woman’s body, but also it has many other benefits for women. It can nourish a reproductive system of women, prepare conception womb, regularize menstruation, minimize hormonal-imbalance risk and help to alleviate PMS. Read more

6 Best Artichoke Health Benefits to Control Body

Considering some kinds of good food is important to do. People will be able to have the great food in order to maintain their body condition. There are many kinds of the high nutrient food in the market, which will be nice to be consumed. One of great food to be consumed in keeping the health of the body is the artichoke. It is one of the versatile food and some people commonly use it as the breakfast menu. On this occasion, let us see some kinds of artichoke health benefits for the reason why we need to consume it.

Top 6 Artichoke Health Benefits

1. Prevention of cancer

When we are talking about the health benefit of the artichoke, the expert says that it is nice as the matter in cancer prevention. Cancer is one of the serious problem of health and it should be well treated. What makes artichoke special for the cancer prevention is the antioxidant. It has a high level of antioxidant, which is great to increase the level of body metabolism. The nice body metabolism is nice in order to prevent the radical effect and throw the sign of cancer away. Read more

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