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7 Best Swiss Chard Benefits for Health

Leafy green is one of the most beneficial and healthiest vegetables. There are many leafy greens that you can find. One of the healthiest ones is Swiss chard. It is a kind of leafy green that is commonly used in Mediterranean cooking. It is very popular in the United States, such as for stir fry, quiche, salads, and other dishes. Swiss chard is well known as mangold, seakale beet, bright lights, crab beet, spinach beet, perpetual spinach, silver beat, and chard in some other countries. So, what are the Swiss chard benefits?

Top 7 Swiss Chard Benefits

1. Bone Health

Swiss chard contains so many nutrients. One of them is calcium. Even more, it is considered as one of the best sources of calcium. Not only calcium, Swiss chard is rich of vitamin K. Even more, you can find high magnesium in this leafy green vegetable. All those nutrients above are very useful for bones. They can help you to strengthen bones. Not only bones, those nutrients are good for your teeth. So, you should consider eating this leafy green regularly.

2. Fight Cancers

One of the benefits of Swiss chard is to fight cancers. For your information, Swiss chard belongs to super food that contains anti cancer properties. It is very effective to fight various cancers. The anti cancer properties contained in this leafy green vegetable include various antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber. Because of that, you should prioritize eating leafy green vegetable regularly and you will get so many benefits.

3. Hair Health

As one of the best healthy foods, Swiss chard contains high biotin. Biotin is a kind of vitamin A that function to promote hair strength and growth. Besides vitamin A, Swiss chard contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is good for hair health that is assisting the follicles in sebum production. This will be helpful to keep skin and hair supple. So, if you want to have healthy hair, you should plan to eat healthy foods including this leafy green vegetable. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

4. Brain Health

Health does not only include outside and inside, but also brain. Did you know that Swiss chard is good for brain health? For your information, this leafy green vegetable belongs to the greatest source of vitamin K. This vitamin K is very crucial for your brain. It can improve your brain function as well. Besides that, vitamin K is useful for nervous system because it is essential for the protective layer formation around the nerves that is called as the myelin sheath. It becomes one of the best Swiss chard benefits. So, you should advise your kids to eat this leafy green vegetable regularly and they will grow smartly.

7 Best Swiss Chard Benefits for Health

5. Eye Health

The next Swiss chard advantage is related to eye health. In this case, you have to know that Swiss chard is rich of lutein. It is an antioxidant that is very good for eye health. Like vitamin A, this nutrient not only reduce the risk of vision degeneration, but also it can help you to improve your vision. So, eating this leafy green vegetable regularly will keep your eyes healthy. Therefore, you should add Swiss chard in your daily meals.

6. Blood Sugar Regulation

The advantages of Swiss chard relate to the blood sugar regulation. This leafy green vegetable is rich of syringic acid. Besides, it contains fiber. These two nutrients are involved in your blood sugar level regulation. They work by altering the sugar rate into the blood from the intestine. So, Swiss chard can be useful to lower your blood pressure. That is why this leafy green is recommended for you who have high blood pressure. By consuming it regularly, you can control your blood pressure.

7. Weight Loss Diet

There are many people who use Swiss chard for debt. In fact, this leafy green vegetable contains so many nutrients needed for weight loss, such as vitamin C, antioxidant, fiber, etc. So, it will be effective for lower weight. To realize it, you can add Swiss chard into a smoothie or juice, omelet, eggs, salad, sandwich, flatbread, etc. It belongs to the most amazing Swiss chard benefits. So, just include this leafy green in your daily meals and you will get all the benefits above.