acai berry benefits

Acai Berry Benefits for Health and Beauty

Along with Goji berry, Acai berry is often regarded as a super fruit. This fruit may be small, but it has such an amazing taste, unique texture, and great benefits. This reddish-purple berry is an inch in length. It is originally from Central and South America. You can find this berry in the Acai palm tree. Acai berry is famous for its rich antioxidant in its pulp. The antioxidant in the Acai berry is more than other berries like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and cranberries. Find the other Acai berry benefits here.

Acai Berry Nutrition Facts

Acai berry has a sweet taste, a combination of chocolate and wild berries. It has been mentioned previously that Acai berry has reddish-purple color. The purple color comes from anthocyanin which becomes great antioxidants. It will protect your body from diabetes, neurological diseases, diabetes, bacterial infections, inflammation and cancer. There are 100 calories, fiber, calcium, iron, 6 grams fat and vitamin A in every 4-ounce serving of Acai. This small fruit contains many nutrients that your body needs. It lets you experience the benefits of Acai berry.

Acai Berry for Preventing Cancer

Since Acai berry is rich in antioxidant, it brings many Acai berry uses for your body. Antioxidant will protect your cells from the damage that can lead to risks of deadly disease like cancer. Antioxidant inhibits the cancer cell growth directly. It reduces inflammation as it makes the cancer cells spread slowly. The substances of Acai berry that you can find in the fresh Acai berry or its extract can bring benefits for your blood vessels. By having good blood circulation, you can ensure that your body is healthy.

Acai Berry Benefits for Healthy Diet

Acai berry is very good for those who run a diet plan. It has antioxidant that is a magical fruit that leads to weight loss. Fiber is available as the uses of Acai berry. It works together with antioxidant to promote fat burning, quick food processing, metabolism boosting, and craving cutting down. It is a perfect and supportive diet partner for you. All you need to do for your diet plan is controlling calorie. Acai berry can control your calorie intake once you include it in your diet menu. Besides antioxidant and fiber, Acai berry coatis Monounsaturated Fats or MUFAS. In fact, the amount of MUFAS in Acai berry is less. You should eat Acai berry in large amount.

As it has been mentioned previously, this super fruit helps you a lot in weight loss. The fiber is available in high amount that you can find in its pulp. The National Institute of Aging has conducted a research with such an amazing result. This research proves that Acai berry pulps can reduce the bad effects of a high-fat diet. Besides, the fiber helps the digestive system. Finally, the digestive system will work in its optimal function because of the benefits of Acai berry.

Acai Berry Benefits for Health and Beauty

Acai Berry for Healthy Heart and Immune System

You will learn Acai berry benefits in details. Each nutrient in Acai berry brings various benefits and solution for your health. Anthocyanin has been mentioned as great antioxidant that is useful for your body. Anthocyanin will help you to lower the level of cholesterol in your blood stream. You can be healthier. It contains cardio protective properties that will protect your body cell. These properties work by improving the whole blood circulation, letting the blood vessels relaxed and avoiding blood clots. Acai berry is useful to fight against harmful organisms.

Besides antioxidant and fiber, vitamin C becomes one of Acai berry uses that you may realize. Vitamin C will boost your immune system. By having a good immune system, the growth of cancer cell can be suppressed. Acai berry has polyphenolic compounds that reduces 56-86% of cancer cell proliferation. Phytochemicals in Acai berry will stop and prevent the growth of cancer cell.

Acai Berry for Skin Beauty

Besides for health, you can experience Acai berry benefits for your beauty and skin. All thanks to antioxidant that contributes to prevent aging. Acai berry often extract to be as oil. As oil is often included in skincare products that will make your skin glowing and healthier. Brazilians use Acai berry as the treatment for a certain skin condition since centuries ago. So, less is more with Acai berry.