almond butter benefits

Almond Butter Benefits for Health and How to Serve It

We know that almond has so many benefits. Even more, we can also get the benefits not only from the fruit, but also from the butter. Therefore, it is very important and interesting to discuss about almond butter benefits. There are many nutrients that can be found in almond butter. It is very useful, especially for health. For more detailed benefits, you can pay attention to this discussion below.

Almond Butter Contains Calcium and Copper

Firstly, you need to know that almond butter comes with high calcium as well as copper. They belong to the most important nutrients in our body. Both calcium and copper have an important role in the communication of brain cell. Besides that, they also help keep the nervous system functional until you are old. The calcium is very useful for your bones and muscles. Even more, it keeps the skeleton strong or even stronger. The copper can enable you to create melanin. It is a pigment that will protect your skin from the light of the sun. Anyway, these minerals relate to the benefits of almond butter.

If you want to get the benefits from the almond butter, you cannot waste it. If you consume 2 tablespoons of almond butter, you will get about 111 milligrams of calcium property. It is about 11 percents of the advised daily intake. Besides that, 2 tablespoons of almond butter also offers around 299 micrograms of copper property. It is one third of the need of daily intake. Considering the nutrients or minerals contained in almond butter, you have to consider consuming it regularly.

Almond Butter Contains Vitamin E and Magnesium

Almond butter benefits also include the vitamin E content. Besides, it also offers magnesium. Both belong to the most beneficial nutrients needed by our body. Similar to calcium, magnesium has a good contribution to your bone health. Even more, it can produce more energy and synthesizes fatty acids that are needed to store your energy. For the vitamin E, it functions to support your health communication between your body cells. Vitamin E prevents your blood lipid oxidation. It is a process that relates to cardiovascular disease.

Almond Butter Benefits for Health and How to Serve It

Almond Butter Contains Healthy Fats and Fiber

Almond butter comes with healthy fats as well as fiber. The healthy fats can improve the level of your blood cholesterol so that it can fight cardiovascular diseases and even provide greater energy. The fiber content is very beneficial for health where it can control your cholesterol level. In addition, it  reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. That is why there are many almond butter advantages that you can find.

How to Serve Almond Butter

After knowing almond benefits, now we should know how to serve it. Firstly, you have to choose the natural almond that is sugar free. Besides that, it should free of hydrogenated and other additives. You can consider toasting or blending it into smoothies. Besides, it will also be a good idea to add it for oatmeal. Whatever you serve it, there are many almond butter benefits that you can get.