avocado oil benefits

5 Best Avocado Oil Benefits

Have you ever known about avocado oil benefits? Normally people are already known about olive oil benefits, but about this one. Even though it seems new but this one is a good type oil with hundred benefits for your body then what are the benefits? Below is the information about the benefits which gives a great effect in your healthy body. The way of consuming this is easy as you only need to drink it or mixing it into your salad composition. Then are you ready?

The Benefits of Avocado Oil

1. Healthy skin

One of the best benefits for body that you will get by casually using this avocado oil is your healthy skin. You will easily get healthier skin by consuming this oil every day. The benefits of avocado oil for skin is because the consistent of vitamin B12 and other nutrition inside it. Now, there are many nutrition pills that are made from this oil. Some of them also made with this oil as one of the biggest natural material composition. The skin will get a better effect of consuming this oil routinely.

2. Heart health

There are still other parts of your body that will be healthier and better. As you know, avocado oil benefits consist of many oleic acid. The amount of this component, oleic acid, are many, it is almost 70 % of the whole composition inside the fruit is about oleic acid. This nutrition is a good nutrition that can give you a miracle. This nutrition and the healthy fat nutrition inside the fruit is goof for heart health.

3. Cardiovascular disease, asthma, and diabetes

Thus, for somebody who has heart or cardiovascular disease, asthma, and diabetes, it will be good for you to consume this fruit and more for avocado oil. The component of the omega 6 and omega 9 is high which is very good for the heart and for reducing cholesterol.

4. Good for eyes

The avocado oil nutrition facts for health are not just about body, but also for eyes health. As it contains with high lutein then this fruit oil is good for eye health.

5 Best Avocado Oil Benefits

The anti-oxidant, lutein, and and carotenoid, inside the avocado oil are good for eyes and prevent from eye disease like cataracts, macular degeneration, and many more. The vitamin E inside the fruit is also a good vitamin for skin bright and eye health. Consuming this oil is really good for you. You will not only get higher and steadier immune system but also will get prettier from your skin into your hair. The benefits of avocado oil for hair are not only because of the existence of vitamin E, but also other nutrition like magnesium, and others.

5. Reduce the inflammation

The best part of avocado oil benefits are its ability to reduce the inflammation and the itching that you may feel when you get sick. The easiest way of applying this oil is by buttering this in the area that get sick. The ability of this oil to heal you is included the hair skin condition and problems. The hair problems like dandruff can be done prettily. This oil also can help you to cure the insect bites in your body area and the stings as well as the burn coming from the sun. All of these can be prettily cured by using oil, which is made from avocado fruit.