Raw Chia Seeds Benefits – Benefits of Consuming Raw Chia Seeds

Do you like consuming Chia seeds? Chia seeds belong to one of the Superfoods which contain a lot of healthy nutrients. This type of seeds is known as great sources of the omega 3 fatty acids. Besides that, these seeds also contain magnesium, fiber, iron, calcium, and zinc. When it comes to the way in consuming the seeds, there are several methods and one of them is these seeds are consumed in the raw. Unlike Flax seeds, raw Chia seeds benefits can be accessed.

Top 2 Raw Chia Seeds Benefits

1. Help to lose weight

The first benefit of Chia seeds is helping to losing your weight without starving. Chia seeds are helpful for the dieters who want to lose their weight effectively. These tiny and healthy seeds can be added with all of the foods that you want. These seeds will turn into gels and they make you feeling full for some hours. If you are dieters, hunger may be one of your main enemies which should be forced. By consuming these healthy seeds, it will help you to make you feel full so that your diet plan can run well.

2. Control blood sugar level

The second benefit of raw Chia seeds is balancing your blood sugar. Keeping your glucose level is essential for your health and energy. When you consume high starchy foods or sweet foods, your blood sugar may raise. Consuming these seeds can make your blood sugar level under control so that you will not be lack of energy and feel tired. Besides that, keeping your blood sugar level under control also lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.

How to eat raw Chia Seeds

raw chia seeds benefitsWhen it comes to raw Chia seeds benefits, you need to know how to eat or consume Chia seeds. Like veggies and fruits, Chia seeds can be served in several ways and one of them is served with raw. When you see the size of Chia seeds, you will think that it is not too hard to add these seeds in the other foods. As you know, Chia seeds own the mild nutty flavor and this type of seeds can be added in any foods as a garnish.

You can also eat these seeds directly without adding to the other foods. If you eat these seeds in raw, the nutrients contained in this type of seeds, such as omega 3, zinc and the other nutrients will not be maximal. The best way to consume this type of seeds is in grinding or soaking. However, it does not mean that you are prohibited to consume the seeds in raw. You can eat the seeds directly to ease you in taking the healthy nutrients inside the Chia seeds.

When it comes to the way to consume the seeds, it is debatable. Some people tend to consume the seeds directly and the others consume the seeds by soaking the seeds firstly. However, if you soaked the seeds first, the seeds will release the enzyme inhibitors, which are performed in protecting the seeds. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can consume the Chia seeds either in raw or in soaking. In soaking method, you can add them in your smoothies, pudding and the others while in raw, there are also some methods and they will be presented below.


The first way of consuming raw Chia seeds is ground. It means that you can grind these seeds in order to break down the outer shell before you eat the seeds. After grinding the seeds, you can add the ground seeds in the most gluten-free recipes, such as muffins, breads, pancakes, and even pastas. When you grind these healthy seeds, you need to make sure to store them in sealed or in glass containers in your freezer or refrigerator.


Another way which can be taken for getting raw Chia seeds benefits if you want to consume the Chia seeds in raw is you can consume the whole Chia seeds. Unlike the other seeds, Chia seeds can be accessed their nutrition even though they are consumed in whole. You will still get the pack of healthy nutrients by consuming them in raw. You can take a spoonful of Chia seeds and you can eat straightforwardly. However, you need to beware as these seeds can stick in your teeth.

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