benefits of dragon fruit

Benefits of Dragon Fruit That You May Look For

Dragon fruit is kind of fruit that looks like cactus pear and it is categorized in the cactus family. Having vibrant colors and unique shape, it is very attractive at night due to its blooming look. It is wanted by everyone, not only because of its beautiful look, but also because of the benefits of dragon fruit. It can be a goldmine when it relates to nutritional intake. A bite of such nutritious Superfood can give benefits for your body.

More than Exotic Fruits

Although exotic, the fruit is safe to consume by every pregnant and mothers who are breastfeeding. The fruit has been well known by its rich value of vitamin C. It can also be a good source for your fatty-acid needs. The fruit is full with vitamin C that can give health potential for human while it also contains phosphorus and fatty acid. You can replenish yourself with the nutritional benefits of dragon fruit that you may not find from other fruits.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Antioxidants are very essential to keep your skin firm and tight. They fight against free radicals circling around your body and it can trigger some diseases like cancer. To get a good antioxidant source, dragon fruit is highly recommended to consume because you will get the antioxidant benefits of dragon fruit from its vitamin C essence. You should know that the most important nutrient which is overlooked within this healthy fruit is the phosphorus punch. It becomes the primary components of cellular membranes that are required in antioxidant. It can help you in preventing some premature aging.

Not only contain vitamin C, but also dragon fruit contains carotene linked to some anti carcinogenic properties that is good to reduce numerous tumors. The lycopene in the fruit is responsible to provide red color within the fruit. It can lower the risk of prostate cancer. Lycopene intake which is lower than 2,498mcg/day improved prostate cancer risk, whereas higher consumption of foods, which are rich in lycopene can significantly decrease the risk.

The health benefits of dragon fruit can be indicated by its polyphenols content as the natural chemicals. It functions as the affinities to your estrogen receptors while it changes the behavior of such hormones and others to their receptors on cells. This will be the reason why it can protect against cancer risk.

Cardiovascular health is one of the dragon fruit health benefits. Dragon fruit can increase the health of your heart. It can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol at the same time. Consuming dragon fruits can reduce the risks relating to heart disease and high blood pressure. Such exotic fruit will also be your best food source of monounsaturated fats to keep your heart always healthy.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit That You May Look For

Dragon Fruit for diet

Nobody wants to suffer diabetes. So, dragon fruits should be considered in their diet. Fiber content in higher amount can be found in this fruit. You will get an essential intake that can help the sugar levels within your blood keep stabile. It is also useful to inhibit such sugar spikes occurring after you eat foods with high index of glycemic. Researchers show that dragon fruit has an amazing effect of oxidative stress within diabetic rats. It suggests consuming the fruit regularly can be useful to prevent any issues related to diabetes.

There is a lot of fiber content which is important for your body in a dragon fruit. It can improve your bowel movements with the phase through the digestive tract. Consuming dragon fruit is beneficial to reduce some conditions like bowel syndrome, which is irritable and constipation.

Health benefits of dragon fruit are complex and the last one is linked to immunity booster. Vitamin C coming with high levels within the fruit can boost the immune system for your body while stimulating other antioxidant activity. The existence of minerals, pytoalbumin and vitamin C in high levels plays important role in fighting against free radicals while having antioxidant properties. Furthermore, vitamins (including B1, B2 and B3), calcium, iron, phosphorus, protein, fiber and niacin are crucial to improve the immune-system function in your body.