benefits of eating peanuts

6 Best Benefits of Eating Peanuts for Health and Beauty

Peanut is one of the most delicious foods. That is why there are many people who love peanuts. However, the peanut is not only delicious, but also offers various benefits. The benefits of eating peanuts relate to health and beauty. There are many people, especially women who avoid peanuts because they believe that peanut can cause acne. However, after you know these benefits, you should not worry eating peanuts. Here are the benefits that you have to know.

Top 6 Benefits of Eating Peanuts

1. Lower Cholesterol

The first benefit of consuming peanut is to lower cholesterol. As we know, cholesterol is one of the most dangerous essences of our body. It can cause various diseases, including heart diseases. Fortunately, peanut is very effective to lower cholesterol in our body. So, if you consume peanuts every day regularly, you will have a lower risk of many diseases. Even more, it also contains antioxidant that can improve our health. It can be concluded that peanut has an important role in our health.

2. Improve Hair Growth

It also belongs to the most important eating peanut benefits where it can improve hair growth. There are many people who are bald or have hair fall problem. Fortunately, peanut is one of the greatest sources of Arginin. It is an amino acid that can increase the blood flow. If your blood flow runs well, it makes your hair grow well and you will not experience baldness. So, if you want to have thick and healthy hair, you have to consider eating peanuts regularly.

3. Prevent Physical Defect Born

The benefits of eating peanuts can also be gotten by pregnant women. If you are a woman who is pregnant, it can make your fetus grow well. It can also prevent physical defect when born. That is why it is recommended so much, especially for you who have young pregnancy. In this case, red peanuts and green-peal are more recommended.

6 Best Benefits of Eating Peanuts for Health and Beauty

4. Reduce Depression

Reducing depression also becomes one of the best benefits of peanuts. You need to know that peanut contains amino acid essence that comes with tryptophan where it can function to stimulate sorotin and also control your mood so that you will always feel excited. The tryptophan also becomes an antidepressant if it is combined with chocolate where it can create pleasure feelings.

5. Prevent Large Intestine Cancer

The next benefit is that peanut can prevent large intestine cancer especially for women. At least, you need to consume 2 tablespoons of peanut twice a week. For women, its effectiveness can be up to 58 percent, whereas for men it can be up to 27 percent.

6. Brighten and Clean Skin

Lastly, peanut contains vitamin E, zinc, and magnesium that will keep your skin brighter. Even more, it can also fight bacteria in your deep skin so that it can prevent acne. The protein content can also help regenerate your skin cell. Considering these benefits of eating peanuts, you should make it to your regular food or snack.