6 Best Benefits of Eggplant

People consider eggplants as a common vegetable today. Eggplant with the right way of cooking can provide a nice food too to be consumed. To tell the truth, eggplant consumption should be increased because there are many good facts about the benefits of eggplant for our health. Our health is our greatest treasure and by consuming eggplants, we can treasure this treasure well. Now, I will explain the benefits which you will acquire when you consume these eggplants regularly in your daily menu.

Top 6 Benefits of Eggplant

1. Cell Regeneration

In the first part, good amount of eggplant consumption will provide you with great health at the level of the cell. The eggplant comes with a great benefit for cell because it contains much protein. It is a good source of protein from the veggies. The protein is really important because the material, which is used for creating cell is protein. With enough supply of material to form a cell, the regeneration of the cell will run well. So, every damaged or old cells can be replaced with the new ones.

2. Radical Free Fighter

benefits of eggplantWhen you often work outdoors, you need to consume eggplant often. Eggplant contains antioxidant, which is really good for facing radical free. Radical free is really dangerous stuff because it can trigger cancer in your skin. This radical free is often acquired from the sunlight and the impurities which are blown along by the wind. So, it will mostly happen when you get a high amount of time in the outdoors. Benefits from eggplant also neutralizes other toxins which are may found along with the causes of free radical itself.

3. Replacement for Smoke

The next benefits of eggplant are as a mean of reducing your crave for a smoke. When you are a smoker and you are planning on giving up smoking, you should get the eggplants as your food. Inside the eggplants, there is a small amount of nicotine. This nicotine content is about 10g per eggplants. This will be a good way to avoid craving for smoke as the 10g amount will reduce the will to smoke. Smoke contains for about 100g/smoke.

4. Preventing Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis happen when there is a stack of fat in your artery. This condition is not good because it may increase your blood pressure highly. The eggplant benefit when dealing with this condition is the capability to reduce the cholesterol fibrous which exists in the blood. This cholesterol is the one which prevent quick absorption toward cholesterol and fat. The reduction of the particle which obstructs the fat absorption is the finest answer to deal with this condition.

5. Prevention for Hypertension

The cause of heart attack mostly comes from high blood pressure or hypertension. For that reason, you better get this eggplant because eggplants contain potassium with high portion and low sodium. The potassium is the substance which will help to regulate the blood pressure easily. The amount of potassium which you acquire is about 217 mg / 100 g. That is a really wonderful amount of potassium which will ready to keep your blood pressure good.

6. Increasing Libido

For you who have a problem with sexual matter like low in libido. The eggplant will solve that problem. Consuming eggplant regularly will make you have a better level of libido. This can be a good treatment. High libido is important because it will provide the finest pleasure that will make someone have a good mental health. The satisfaction will bring good effect to the psyche and this goodness can be acquired in the benefits in eggplants.

The benefits of eggplant are plenty. So, you better have a good consumption over it. The benefits itself will manifest into a good health which will make you be more productive. Productive thought will bring many good side effects. The consumption of the eggplants itself can be made in many varieties of cooking when you want to get different because there are a lot of eggplant cooking which can be practiced. Now, it is time for you to put your choice in the menu which you usually consume in daily life. So, eggplant can fulfill your needs daily.

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