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7 Best Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Human Health

We are certainly not unfamiliar with potatoes. They are not expensive, but delicious. There are many kinds of potatoes. The most common kind is white potatoes. However, the better one is sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes do not only cheap and delicious, but also have so many benefits, especially for your health. What are the benefits of sweet potatoes? That is what we will discuss in this article here. Let’s see, 7 health benefits that you can get from eating sweet potatoes.

Top 7 Sweet Potatoes Benefits

1. Provide Good Carbohydrate

As we know, potatoes are rich of carbohydrate (read: Health Benefits of Potatoes). We will feel full quickly after eating potatoes. However, white potatoes and sweet potatoes are different. White potatoes provide carbohydrate that is converted into sugar quickly. So, it can increase your blood sugar level. On the other hand, sweet potatoes have lower glycemic index that makes it useful to prevent sugar crashes. Therefore, sweet potatoes are good to control diabetes because you can maintain your healthy blood sugar level by eating sweet potatoes. That is why it belongs to sweet potato benefits.

2. Keep Digestion Running and Beat Diseases

There are many nutrients contained in sweet potatoes. One of them is fiber. A medium sweet potato contains fiber about 4 up to 6 grams. Fiber has many good benefits for your health. For example, it can reduce the risk of many diseases, such as constipation, Diverticular diseases, and diabetes. Even more, it can lower the risk of heart disease, the most deadly disease in the world. Considering the advantages of sweet potatoes above, you should consider eating this healthy food regularly.

3. Protect from Some Cancers

Sweet potatoes belong to fruits and vegetables. For your information, sweet potatoes contain high beta carotene. It is a nutrient that can be converted into vitamin A. There is a study which shows that beta carotene can protect you from prostate cancer in men. So, sweet potatoes are recommended so much for men. Besides that, there is a study which shows that beta carotene can reduce the risk of colon cancer. Because sweet potatoes are a higher source of beta carotene, you should consume this healthy fruit and vegetable regularly.

4. Good for Eye Health and Vision

As it has been mentioned before, beta carotene can be converted into vitamin A. If you are lack of vitamin A, it can damage your vision. So, you have to fulfill the need of vitamin A. In this case, sweet potatoes do not only provide vitamin A, but also vitamin C and vitamin E. Even more, it also has a high antioxidant level. Those nutrients are good for eye health. So, eating sweet potatoes will be useful to improve your eye vision. Anyway, it is considered as one of the most useful benefits of sweet potatoes.

7 Best Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Human Health

5. Tame Inflammation

Sweet potatoes can be considered as one of the best sources of micronutrient and choline in B vitamin family. Choline caneasily be found in plants, eggs, and meats. However, you can also find it in sweet potatoes. Choline is very useful for health, such as for memory, muscle movement, and sleep. Even more, it can lower chronic inflammation. It can be concluded that sweet potatoes have a good ability to tame inflammation. Therefore, you should eat sweet potatoes regularly.

6. Improve Bone Health

There are many vitamins contained in sweet potatoes. One of them is vitamin D. Vitamin D is well known with its benefits for the immune system and even overall health. Besides that, vitamin D is good for bones and growth. So, it becomes one of the best sweet potato advantages for health. Vitamin D has an important role to improve energy level. Besides, it is useful to improve health bones, moods, teeth, skin, nerves, and heart. In addition, it can also support the thyroid gland. Considering those many benefits, sweet potatoes belong to healthiest foods to consume.

7. Good for Relaxation

Sweet potatoes are rich in magnesium. This nutrient is needed for your health. For example, magnesium can improve muscle, heart health, bone, blood flow, etc. It is also good for nerve function, a healthy artery, etc. Based on the benefits above, it can be said that sweet potatoes can help you to get more relaxed. Even more, it also contains anti stress mineral. In North America, 80 percent of the population needs this mineral. So, if you eat sweet potatoes regularly, you will be more relaxed and healthier. That is all the benefits of sweet potatoes that you should know.