4 Best Health Benefits of Strawberries for Human’s

Strawberries have become the most popular fruits among many kinds of fruits in the world. It is not just because the taste that is so awesome, but great benefits for healthy too. There are many health benefits of strawberries as like to improve the eyes care, the brain function, arthritis, cardiovascular, and relief for having high blood pressure. Besides, the polyphenolic and the content of antioxidant in strawberry are able to make you good for improving the immune system and preventing any kinds of cancers.

Strawberry’s scientific name

Strawberry can be categorized as the berry that has a very tempting look and wonderful taste of long time ago. This fruit has the scientific name which is called by Fragaria. But, there are some different varieties of these as like Fragaria Vesca. It belongs to wild strawberry and for Eastern strawberry is called by Fragaria Orientalis. Among there are many kinds of varieties, the most delicious one is which grows in bushes. Read more