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Durian Benefits and Side Effects – Things to Consider

People always love fruit, including durian. It is a spicy fruit, but it is soft, succulent, and extremely delicious. For these unique features and its popularity, durian is known as “King of Fruits”, especially in the South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei Darussalam that has rain forests. Originally, durian is the member of Malvaceae family and Duri genus. Durian is a close relative to okra and hibiscus. The botanical name of Durian is Durio zibethinus. Besides its unique features, you can get Durian Benefits when you consume this “King of Fruit”.

Durian’s Physical Features

Besides its delicious taste as one of Durian Uses, durian is famous for its unique odor, formidable thorn covered husk, and large size. The length may be up to 12 inches or 30 cm. The diameter is 6 inches or 15 cm while it weighs typically two to seven lb (one to four kilograms). What about the shape? It has such a unique shape which can be oblong or round. The color of its husk is the combination of brown and green. The flesh is yellow to saffron, with a creamy texture. It contains natural sugars like sucrose and fructose. Those natural sugars will replenish energy to the entire body. Soon, the body will be revitalized.

Nutrients of Durian

A tropical fruit like jackfruit, avocado, and banana has vitamins, minerals and energy in high rate, so does durian. Let’s start from the vitamin. Durian is a great source of vitamin C. It is about 33% of RDA. Vitamin C can help us develop body resistance against free radicals and infectious agents that may harm our body. Every 100 grams of fresh durian contains 147 calories that becomes one of Durian benefits. Moreover, durian contains dietary fiber that protects the membrane of colon mucous. The exposure time to the toxin will be decreased. So, your body can be healthy as always. Dietary fiber eliminates and binds the chemicals that may cause cancer from the gut.

One of the uses of durian is the amount of minerals in durian. Copper, magnesium, iron and manganese are available minerals in durian. Our body needs manganese as the co-factor for superoxide dismutase. Meanwhile, the red blood production requires copper and the formation of red blood cell will need ironing. Potassium is an electrolyte which is needed inside body fluids and cells. Potassium will control blood pressure and heart rate. Tryptophan is one of the essential amino acid that will be metabolized as melatonin and serotonin that play important role in controlling epileptic events and sleep induction.

Durian Benefits for Body

Besides the nutrients available in durian, the benefits include the application of durian into your body. When you eat durian, it can decrease the risks of swelling, jaundice, parasites, swelling, and fever. When you get any skin disease or swelling, you can cure it with durian. You only need to apply the flesh into your skin. However, you should make sure that you don’t over consume durian. The dose of durian should be equal with your health, age, and several conditions.

Durian Benefits and Side Effects - Things to Consider

Durian’s Side Effects

Be careful and considerate in consuming durian. When you consume it too much, you may get the side effect of durian instead of durian uses. For some people, durian may cause gas, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach discomfort or several allergic reactions. When you eat the seeds of durian, you may get shortness of breath.

Even though there are benefits of durian, people believe that durian is not safe for those who are pregnant or breast feeding. Those who are pregnant may get risk of miscarriage if they eat durian. Durian will cause the excessive heat that may cause the fetal death. Furthermore, durian has high levels of alcohol like pineapple and jack fruit. It can cause the burning sensation at womb.

Besides, durian may worsen the diabetes as the level of blood sugar is increased. People who are in those conditions should be more careful in consuming durian. Overeating durian may lead into side effect instead of durian benefits, especially for those who have heart disease. The heart problem can be aggravated. The heartbeats are uncontrolled and it leads to fatal consequences.