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4 Best Flax Seed Benefits for Health

Have you ever heard flax seeds? This kind of seeds is known as one of the natural seeds which have the function to produce the healthy nutrients in the body. Flax seeds, known with linseeds, have several benefits and the flax seed benefits have been recognized for long ago. This type of seeds is an excellent source of dietary fiber, micronutrients, vitamin B1, manganese, essential fatty acid, like acid alpha-linolenic (ALA), or omega-3. These seeds are originated from flax, which is known as one of the oldest plants in the world. This plant has been cultivated in China and in Ancient Egypt.

Besides acting as a source of many micronutrients, there are the other flax seed benefits that you should know. Flax seed is known as a source of antioxidants, healthy fat, and fiber. The recent research has already found that flax seeds can be consumed to help the people who have a higher risk of cancer, disease and diabetes. From these statements, we know that flax seeds can be great sources of healthy nutrients. Because of that reason, the health professional and nutritionists recommend these seeds to be consumed since there are many possible benefits which can be gained.

Top 4 Health Benefits of Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are known as the sources of the healthy properties which are needed in our body. Flax seeds can be the perfect choice for those who want to keep them healthy. There is no specific or exact study which shows or state that flax-seed can be acted as the beneficial and therapeutic properties for those who consume these seeds. Some of the research recommends that flax seeds can be added in the person’s diet since there are several possible flax seed benefits which can be gained from consuming these seeds.

1. Cancer protection

The first possible flax seed benefits that you should know is as a protection of cancer. When you consume flax seeds in your daily diets, it will help your body prevent the diseases, like colon, breast cancer, and prostate. Consuming these seeds can be used to combat those diseases. Flax seeds are claimed was owned the capability to prevent the cancer cell growth. They have omega-3 fatty acids, which disrupt the malignant cells. Besides that, there are lines in the flaxseeds, which own antiangiogenic properties. The properties are claimed able to stop tumors to form the new blood vessels.

There is a study that has ever been presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) which revealed that flax seeds could prevent the growth of prostate cancer tumor. According to Dr. Wendy Demark, the primary investigator on that study, the study showed that flax seeds are safe and effective to combat the prostate cancer. That is the first possible flax seed benefit which can be proved by the scientific arguments.

4 Best Flax Seed Benefits for Health

2. Lowering cholesterol

Another possible flax seed benefits is lowering cholesterol. When it comes to foods which can combat cholesterol, there are many foods which can be consumed and one of them is flax seeds. Researchers of Nutrition and Wellness Research Center at Iowa State University stated that the levels of cholesterol can decrease among the men who consume or add flax seeds in their daily diets. The lead researcher, Suzanne Hendrich, stated that people who are not able to take Lipitor, consuming flax seeds, at least, gives you benefits in lowering the cholesterol.

3. Improving Levels of Blood Sugar

Another possible flax seed benefits that you should know is flax seeds can be used to improve the levels of blood sugar. According to a study which was published in Nutrition Research, consuming these seeds in routine can enhance the glycemic control for people who suffer the obesity.

4. Protecting body from radiation

The last flax seed benefits that you should know is protecting your body from radiation. According to the researchers, from the Perelman School of Medicine at Pennsylvania University, consuming flax seeds can be helpful to protect the skin tissue from the radiation. The researchers stated that flax seeds contain a decent amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which can be helpful to protect your body from radiation.