Goji Berry Benefits for Healthy Life

China is famous for the traditional medicines taken from nature. People in China have learned much about the traditional medication and applied it since centuries ago. This medication is pretty helpful, people keep using and improving it until the recent days. They take plants, flowers, and fruits and precede it as traditional medicine. One of the fruits is Goji Berry. This oriental fruit has been used for medication to treat many diseases and keep our health. People have experienced Goji berry benefits. So, let’s learn more about Goji Berry.

The Origin of Goji Berry

The Goji berry is also known as wolfberry and Tibetan Goji. This bright red-orange berry is originally from China. People eat this berry as hope they can live longer. They suggest their kids and family to include it in their daily menu. People believe in the benefits of Goji berry that are treatments for several diseases like eye problems, fever, high blood pressure and diabetes. People consume Goji berry in various ways. Such as dried like raisin, cooked, or raw. People enjoy Goji berry in wines, medicines, juices, and herbal teas.

The Goji berry has been spread widely. The Goji berry grows originally in China. Later, it can be found in other Asian countries and several European countries. Recently, the Goji berry has been sold in North America. This amazing oriental fruit is sold in high price. But, it is worth to buy. You will get many benefits and your body will get the nutrition needs completed.

Goji Berry Nutrition Facts

goji berry benefitsGoji berry contains many nutrients that your body need. The nutrients include 18 amino acids, minerals like zinc, germanium, phosphorus and selenium, 13% protein, vitamins B1, B2 and B6, vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-sitosterol the anti-inflammatory agent, omega-6 and other essential fatty acids, carotenoids like beta-carotene and zeaxanthin, iron, sesquiterpenoids, and more. All those nutrients will bring Goji berry functions to your body.

The Goji berry is a great antioxidant source that can reduce the risks of cancer. Beta carotene that helps you promoting healthy skin is found in Goji berry. Goji Berry is a great source of vitamin C that will boost your immune system. The symptoms of tough cold can be reduced by eating Goji berry. For all those Goji berry benefits, it is not exaggerating if we mention Goji berry as a super fruit.

Goji Berry Benefits

Selenium and germanium that are available in Goji berry have been involved in treating patients with cancer. Patient of cancer that undergoes chemotherapy is often suggested to consume Goji berry to get the benefits. It has been conferred that Goji berry can protect the liver significantly. If we look back at the oriental medication, people believe that Goji berry corrects chi deficiency. It means Goji berry helps those with insomnia, low energy, and anxiety and heart palpitations to be more comfortable.

As it has been mentioned previously, the Goji berry is very rich in nutrients. This oriental fruit contains various complex compounds that will be useful for the body. Beta-sitosterol is an anti-inflammatory agent that can lower the cholesterol. Cyperone helps you maintain the blood pressure and heart. It reduces menstrual discomfort and it treats cervical cancer. Solavetivone is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compound that will protect our body powerfully. Leukemia can be treated by consuming Goji berry as it contains physalin. This natural compound can activate the cell to fight the disease. Physaline is often used to treat Hepatitis B. Betain can influence the liver producing choline that reduces nervousness. Choline helps the body promoting muscle growth, fighting against liver disease and enhancing memories. So, why can you deny uses of Goji berry?

Fun Eating Goji Berry

You have seen and understand Goji berry benefits. Can you imagine the taste? The Goji berry is sweet with a slightly herb like taste. It has tiny seeds, which are rich of riber and give you a unique texture. Besides eating raw Goji berries, you can soak this superfruit into hot water and munch it. Adding Goji berry into cereals, yogurts, and salads are a great idea. Finally, living healthy will be fun with Goji berry.

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