health benefits of bell peppers

The Important Health Benefits of Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are not strangers around us and we believe that God creates this vegetable with many benefits. Bell peppers or Capsicum annuum has different colors like red, yellow, green, orange, brown, purple and white. These amazing fruits are very good to be the sources of vitamins B1, B6, A, K, C and folate. They are wonderful sources of iron, copper, potassium and magnesium. With such kind of contents, the fruits bring many benefits. We will tell your health benefits of bell peppers.

The Contents

Such colorful fruits bring more contents of vitamin C than an orange. Many people don’t realize about the health benefits of eating bell peppers. The function to help your body in boosting your immune system, preventing diabetes, building up bad cholesterol and lowering heart disease risk. Bell peppers include phenolic compounds, which are called carotenoids and flavonoids, but red, yellow and green has the most. Such compounds are useful for your body. It can mop up any free radicals, which are dangerous for your body. Among those three of bell peppers, the red peppers contain the highest vitamin C that is able to scavenge any free radicals.

Another content of bell peppers is vitamin K1 or phylloquinone. It is a vitamin, which is moisture and stable within the air. But, it tends to be decomposed by direct sunlight. Vitamin K1 can be found in many plants, notably in all leaves, because its role is very crucial in the photosynthesis process. The health benefit of bell pepper consumption relates to the aid to the protein formation to the bone. These fruits can protect your bone from osteoporosis attack since people with bone density. It is reduced has lower vitamin K1 levels.

The Health Benefits of Bell Peppers

Crisp and fresh bell peppers can be delicious fruits that you can add into your regular healthy diet plan. There are many health benefits of bell peppers that you can get from them. Relating to your eye health, they contain more than 30 carotenoid types including alpha-carotene, lycopene, beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and Cryptoxanthin. Carotenoids become a family of phytonutrient, which is vital for the orange, yellow and bright red coloring within many vegetables and fruits. Researchers have found the benefit to heal eye disease as they absorb every blue light, which is damaging.

Consuming bell peppers are the requirement if you want to get the health benefits of bell pepper fruits to prevent serious disease, especially cancer. Carotenoids existing in bell peppers provide powerful effects of antioxidant, which can prevent particular cancer types. Carotenoids can deactivate any free radicals that are oxygen atoms damaging cell. It reacts with any other molecules within your body. Ensure to let the bell peppers get ripen in order to maximize the antioxidant benefits that they have. Ripening can increase the content of carotenoid within bell peppers. The vegetable contains sulfur for preventing cancer.

The Important Health Benefits of Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers Health Benefits for body appearance

The next benefit that you can get from bell peppers relate to your body appearance. Consuming bell peppers can lose your weight while they are so low in calories and fat, which is 29 calories and 1 gram per cup. It will make them your great supplement of meal and ideal option of snack. Such small fat amount is enough to give a reliable nutrient storage of bell peppers. By consuming them, you will not only be successful to lose your weight, but also you will be able to beautify your skin. They contain vitamin E in solid amount to keep your skin look young and fresh while your hair vibrant and strong.

Because immunity is very important for the human body, you can get it easily from bell peppers. Vitamin C existing in the vegetable will support your immunity. Sliced (1 cup) can provide additional vitamin C in your daily up to 157%. It makes them your great manner to keep healthy.

After some health benefits of bell peppers explained above, the last benefit is to balance your mood. This will be the proper solution for you when feeling blue due to its vitamin B6 content. B6 will naturally help norepinephrine and serotonin production in which both two chemicals affect human mood.