health benefits of chia seeds

3 Best Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Do you know Chia seeds? Have you ever heard this? Most of people may do not know what Chia seeds are. Chia seeds are known as the natural foods which contain many kinds of healthy nutrients which are needed by the human body. The health benefits of Chia seeds are many and some of them will be presented in the following section.

Top 3 Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

1. Great amount of Nutrients and Few Calories

The first health benefit of Chia seeds is providing the greatest amount of nutrients. Before I continue describing the benefits of Chia seeds, do you know Chia seeds? What do they look like? Chia seeds are known as the tiny black seeds from the plant of Salvia Hispanic. This plant originally grows in the South America. This type of seeds had ever been the essential foods for the Mayan and Aztecs tribes long ago. The Society of those tribes consumed this type of seeds because the seeds could provide the greatest energy. The name of Chia came from a Mayan word which means strength.

Chia seeds have been recognized as the Superfood which can be helpful for the health. At the beginning of the appearance, the health benefits of Chia seeds were for the smaller people in the Mayan and Aztecs. Today, Chia seeds have been consumed by most of people around the world. The size of these seeds may be so tiny, but you do not just look at from the size, you need to look at the benefits and the nutritional profiles which are contained in these tiny black seeds.

To prove the health benefits of Chia seeds, I would like to present the nutritional profiles of Chia seeds below. 28 grams (1 ounce) serving of Chia seeds contain more 12 grams of fibers and 6 grams of proteins. Besides that, 1 ounce of Chia seeds contains 9 grams of healthy fat. 30 % manganese of required daily allowance (RDA) is contained by 1 ounce of Chia seeds. 30 % magnesium and 27 % phosphorus of RDA are contained in 1 ounce of Chia seeds. Chia seeds contain the decent amount of Potassium, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), vitamin B2 and Zinc.

2. Sources of Antioxidants

The second health benefit of Chia seeds that you have to know is producing antioxidants. These tiny black seeds are known as the high sources of antioxidants and this type of nutrient is used to protect the sensitive fats from having rancid. The thing that you know is obtaining the natural antioxidants from foods, including Chia seeds deliver the positive impacts for your health, even though the antioxidant supplements are known not effective.

3 Best Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

One of the functions of antioxidants is forcing and fighting the free radical productions which can deliver the negative effects on the molecules in your cells. Besides that, free radicals contribute to certain disease like cancer and aging. There is a statement which state that Chia seeds have more antioxidants compared to blueberries, but the student cannot be verified. Chia seeds produce the antioxidants which are useful for your health as the health benefit of Chia seeds.

3. Rich in Protein

Another health benefit of Chia seeds that you need to know is rich in protein. As mentioned in the previous section that Chia seeds own many healthy nutrients, one of the nutrients is protein. These tiny black seeds have the decent amount of protein. The weight of the protein in 1 ounce Chia seeds is about 14 % protein of RDA. The amount is relatively higher compared to the other plants. Besides protein, Chia seeds contain a good balance of amino acids so that your body will be able to use the protein in your body.

Talking about protein as a health benefit of Chia seeds, these seeds can be the perfect food for those who want to take diet since these foods contain high protein. The protein is helpful to reduce the appetite. It reduces your weight. The bottom line is Chia seeds belong to the foods which preserve the decent amount of protein. If you do not want to consume these seeds directly, you can make these seeds as additional food in salad.