health benefits of limes

4 Best Health Benefits of Limes

Fruits have become the most favorite for people to consume in their daily life. There are many kinds of fruits that are available in the market that can be the best choice for you. Choosing the fruits that you will eat is not just about the taste. But, you need to consider about the health benefits of fruits and what kinds of vitamins included. So, you will not only get the delicious and fresh taste, but also for the vitamin which is very beneficial for our body. Among there are many kinds of fruits, you can choose health benefits of limes due to some reasons that will be explained more in this article for you.

Lime will be the first fruit which comes to medical term. There are many kinds of advantages that you get from this kind of fruits as like skin care, weight loss, eyes care, etc. Lime has the scientific name which is called by citrus aurantifolia. It has been used in order to treat the various kinds of ailments.

Nowadays, lime has been consumed for people around the world. This fruit is made into many kinds of beverages, sorbet, cocktails, snacks, and any kinds of dishes. The lime oil is usually extracted from the skin and peel that is used to make the soft drink concentrate, the cosmetic product, body oil, hair, oil, and even toothpaste. There are so many variations of benefits that you can find from lime.

Top 4 Health benefits of limes

1. For curing scurvy

Health benefits of limes are known as the scurvy cure. It is such kind of disease that is caused by the vitamin C deficiency. This kind of disease is characterized by the infection, which comes frequently that can show some symptoms as like cold, lips cracked, ulcers on tongue and mouth. Besides, you will be able to spot the scurvy from the spongy and the swollen because it is still caused by vitamin C deficiency. So, the remedy that can be done by you is no other than using vitamin C that you can find from lime with the most essential vitamin.

If we can see in the past that most soldiers and sailors are given the lime in order to keep them safe from curvy in which it is such kind of a horrible disease. It can be seen that lime is much used for the workers in working for the polluted environment, the painting shops, mines, cements so that they will be protected from the scurvy.

4 Best Health Benefits of Limes

2. For skin

For those of you who have the problem with your skin, you can prevent this by using lime skin. Lime can be made into juice and natural oil. It is very beneficial for skin to be consumed both orally and externally. Lime can rejuvenate the skin in order to keep it always shining and protects the skin from any kinds of infection problem and reduce the bad odor of the body.

3. For curing digestion

Besides, benefits of lime are used for curing digestion. Lime has the scent which is irresistible that can cause mouth becomes watery. This is used as the aid in digestion. The acidity of lime will not rest as while they are breaking down for the molecules of macro which contain in the food. The flavonoids, the compounds which are found in the fragrant oil are extracted from the lime to stimulate the system of digestive and to increase the secretion from the digestive juice and acids. The flavonoid food is able to stimulate the motion of peristaltic. That’s why the lemon has been used as the traditional pickle for dinner and lunch.

4. For constipation

Health benefits of limes are very effective for constipation. It is due to the amount ample of the acid presents is able to help in clearing the system of excretion, which is done by washing and clearing of the tracts available. Besides, some acids are used to be made in any kinds of product for cleaning the toilets and floors.