4 Best Health Benefits of Strawberries for Human’s

Strawberries have become the most popular fruits among many kinds of fruits in the world. It is not just because the taste that is so awesome, but great benefits for healthy too. There are many health benefits of strawberries as like to improve the eyes care, the brain function, arthritis, cardiovascular, and relief for having high blood pressure. Besides, the polyphenolic and the content of antioxidant in strawberry are able to make you good for improving the immune system and preventing any kinds of cancers.

Strawberry’s scientific name

Strawberry can be categorized as the berry that has a very tempting look and wonderful taste of long time ago. This fruit has the scientific name which is called by Fragaria. But, there are some different varieties of these as like Fragaria Vesca. It belongs to wild strawberry and for Eastern strawberry is called by Fragaria Orientalis. Among there are many kinds of varieties, the most delicious one is which grows in bushes.

health benefits of strawberriesStrawberry is associated as a kind of European fruits. This fruit was used in Roman Times where they were cultivated in France in the 18th century. Strawberry are used for any kinds of foods, such as jams, ice creams, jellies, and syrups, chocolate and for making medicine. This fruit can be consumed in the fresh that has the exotic colors that contains rich of antioxidant. It is a great booster for our health and protection from any kinds of toxin attack.

Top 4 Health Benefits of Strawberries

1. Eyes care

The first health benefits of strawberries are in eye care. The certain problems that cause people get eye problem are due to the free radical and the deficiency of nutrients that are needed for human body. Because of the older age and the lacks of certain nutrients, the oxidants which are harmful in our body can cause the damage, especially for the eyes as like the dry eyes, the degeneration of optic nerves, the degeneration of the macula, vision defects and any kinds of infections.

2. Antioxidant

Antioxidant in strawberry contains many kinds of phenolic, flavonoids, ellagic acid and others. They are able to help in avoiding any kinds of situations which are large extent. Besides, strawberry can fix for the condition of ocular pressure within the eyes. Any kinds of disturbance in this kind of pressure can be something which is harmful for eyes. Therefore, strawberry can be the best solution to fix this problem because they contain potassium which is able to help for maintaining the pressure correctly.

3. Immune system

The next of strawberry benefits are for the immune system. Immune system in our body plays the important role as the first line for defense against any kinds of microbial action, infection. Many kinds of wide variety that potentially damages and any kinds of situation which is dangerous for our body. The source of vitamin C in strawberry is a great booster for immune system. It has been known as the most helpful cure against common cough, cold, and the impact of other infections.

In addition, vitamin C is able for stimulating the white blood cell activity. It will be the first line of body defense against any kinds of toxins and foreign body. Vitamin C which presents in strawberry can be the antioxidant. It is able to neutralize the free radical, the harmful product of metabolism created in our body. These kinds of free radicals are responsible in mutating DNA into cancerous cell that is responsible for a number of diseases including various cancers and heart disease. A single of strawberry serving can give approximately 150 % of the daily requirement of vitamin C.

4. For arthritis and gout

The last of health benefits of strawberries is for arthritis and gout as the degeneration of tissues and muscle for drying up of the fluids. So, it will be able to help increasing the joint mobility and the toxic substance accumulation and acids due to the free radical. These can be the primary cause of gout and arthritis in which the two are extremely irritating and debilitating. Therefore, it is really suggested for you to always consume these strawberries due to there are many benefits as the vitamin C sources. It is able to keep your body from getting enough vitamin and immune system.

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