health benefits of tiger nuts

The Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts You Need to Know

Tiger nuts are among the so-called superfoods because there are several health benefits of tiger nuts. It is one of the hottest healthy foods these days that people are talking about it. Nevertheless, if you have no idea about it, this is the right time to learn about it.

What are the Tiger Nuts for Real?

This particular nut is not one of the variants of nut for sure. It is among the tubers group, such as sweet potatoes. It has a small size with stripes on its exterior that it is eventually known as tiger nuts. The plant that produces this food is known as the Yellow Nutsedge. It is chewy with a similar taste to almond and pecan. Although it is small, consuming tiger nuts are beneficial for health.

3 Tiger Nuts Health Benefits

1. Rich of Nutrients for the Body

It is outstanding that there are numerous nutrients under the small size of this food. That makes one of the health benefits of tiger nuts to expect from its consumption. There are at least 13 nutrients to get from tiger nuts. They are all in at least one ounce of this particular food. Aside from those nutrients, there are antioxidants as well. They are good in reducing the effects of aging and risks of heart diseases and cancer.

2. Reducing Blood Sugar Levels

The next thing on the list of tiger nuts benefits is the high fiber content. It helps to reduce blood sugar levels. It works by slowing down the absorption of sugar from the gut. More importantly, it works similarly with a variety of diabetic medications. Therefore, it is perfect for those who are diabetic to consume this food regularly.

Tiger nuts are rich in the amino acid arginine. That kind of thing helps to increase the production of insulin. In that case, it is among the top-notch foods to help control blood sugar levels. Therefore, those who eat carb-rich meals often should consider eating this thing regularly. So, there are more reasons to eat tiger nuts already.

3. Improving the Overall Digestion System

Eating this food often will promote a better digestion system for anyone. It offers a high level of insoluble fiber that will move straight away through the gut. Therefore, it reduces the chance of experiencing constipation. On this matter of one of the health benefits of tiger nuts, it is also rich in resistant starch. It provides friendly bacteria that promote smooth digestion.

There are various enzymes to expect from this food. Amylases, lipases, and catalases are within tiger nuts. They are there for better digestion. It reduces the possibility of having diarrhea and indigestion at the same time.

Nevertheless, it is best to be aware that the rapid consumption of tiger nuts may cause bloating or unpleasant gas production. More importantly, it happens to those who are sensitive to high-fiber foods. Moreover, raw tiger nuts have plenty of anti-nutrients compounds. There are many ways to process this product before consuming it. Some of the best alternatives to get the health benefits of tiger nuts are tiger nuts milk and oil.

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