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Watercress Nutrition – What Your Body Can Benefit from This Aquatic Plant

Have you ever included watercress in your diet before? Yes, watercress is an aquatic plant and you can easily find it near springs, streams, or any other waterways with slow water flow. To tell you the truth, watercress is often overlooked. However, this is something that should not be done anymore. Watercress nutrition proves to contribute great things for human body health. Let us tell you the main nutrition facts and watercress benefits here.

Low in Calories but High in Antioxidants

First than anything, we would say it has been watercress nutrition fact that it contains low calorie. For certain situation, low calorie foods are good for the body to consume. This situation we are referring to is when you want to lose weight. The body stores fat if you keep eating foods with high calorie and fat after all. That is why low-calorie foods like watercress do the job to prevent you from getting an excessive calorie intake anymore and your body will burn the fat once your metabolism rate goes up.

Low calorie foods like watercress might not be enough for your body if you are slim enough and don’t plan on losing weight. However, watercress is surprisingly high in antioxidants. There are phytonutrients, like isothiocyanates contained in it. They have plethora of certain properties, like gluconasturtiin that prevents diseases, like cancer. That is why watercress is healthy to consume. Watercress nutrition proves it enough for you, right? So, you better try consuming it.

Excellent Source of Vitamin K for Body

The nutrition of watercress also includes vitamins. It is a vegetable we are talking about here after all. However, each vegetable has a different set of vitamins to offer. What is the most prominent vitamin in watercress then? If that is your question, we would say that it would be the vitamin K. It is 312% of the daily recommended value. Watercress is really something, indeed. So, what do you think you can certainly benefit from such vitamin for your body?

Need to be known that vitamin K is a very important nutrient for human body. It has a big role in forming and strengthening the bones in our body. Without it, we might not be able to grow taller or stand up straight as we grow old. However, watercress nutrition does not benefit you in such way only. Its vitamin K would be that of a great help to limit the neuronal damage in the brain as well. That is why this very vitamin is highly recommended and often used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

High Concentration of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Besides vitamin K, watercress also has a high concentration of vitamin C. There is as much as 72% of the daily value of it contained in watercress. As you know, there are lots of things you can benefit from this vitamin. First than anything, vitamin C in high nutrition watercress has the impressive fighting power against any infection. The human body can be prone to viruses. To fight against such thing, you need to get a good intake of vitamin C in your body. Don’t ever forget about it.

Watercress Nutrition - What Your Body Can Benefit from This Aquatic Plant

Because of such ability, vitamin C could stand up against flu or cold. What’s more? Vitamin C in watercress nutrition is believed to be able to maintain healthy connective tissue and even prevent iron deficiency in your body. From these, you should have been able to understand just how vitamin C can keep you healthy from the inside of your body. It helps keep your nutrient intake in perfect balance as well. With that, you should not be able to catch diseases easily and too often in your life.

The Great Source of Retinol (Vitamin A)

Even vitamin A exists in watercress nutrition. Just like other vitamins we have been talking about so far, vitamin A has great role in human body. What do you know about it? Is it good for your eyes? Yes, this is true for vitamin A works by producing pigments in the retina of your eyes. As a result, you will be able to always keep clear sight of your eyes that way. Lacking Vitamin A on the other hand, will make your sight become unclear or blurry. At worst case, it can cause blindness.

Keeping the health of your eyes is not the only thing that vitamin A is capable of. Vitamin A is very essential to maintain proper function of your body’s immune system. The immune system is exactly the thing that will make sure the health of your body. Without having good immune system, your body will be prone to diseases. You don’t have any reliable thing to guard you after all. So, since you get vitamin A from watercress nutrition, you better consume it.